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Save costs outsourcing your IT department

An efficient IT department will increase your company profit.

If you are a small or medium sized company which does not have the same resources as the big ones but want to reduce costs, increase productivity, be digitally competitive disposing of the last technologies, you need to outsource your IT services.

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Guaranteed Global IT Assistance Service

With this service, you will have the certainty and quietness that all the technology and computing in your company will work.

Let us be your trustworthy IT department!

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GSEDC - GSE Data Control

Smart system for the management and control of GSE (Ground Support Equipment) for Handling companies in Airports

GSEDC is a complete smart system for the management and control of inspections for corrective, preventative and predictive maintenance of GSE (Ground Support Equipment) for Handling companies in Airports which improves decision making and provides important cost optimization, combining data typing and data collection together with Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence for the Data Automatic Learning) and the possibility of telemetry integration.

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Custom software development

We develop custom software to manage any part of your business circuit using the most advanced systems and platforms.

Multiplatform applications, Cloud development creating Saas solutions, APIs and web projects.

Let us make your life easier!

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Guaranteed Data Backup Service

Guaranteed daily automatic backup in client's private space protected by maximum level encryption. All your important data will be permanently protected.

Never stop your business!

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System Architecture

We help you to design your infrastructure both cloud and physical with all the necessary resources to deploy your project with absolute success.

Invest only in highly productive resources!

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Internet of things

We are already living the 4th industrial revolution when machinery and people are connected in real time to create more efficient ways of productivity.

Make profit from revolution!

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AI and Data Analytics

We develop data acquisition solutions, deployment of Data Science environments, data analysis, creation of models for better decision making.

Correct data flow improves your company effectiveness!

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Training and Education

We offer training for your staff in office automation software, accounting and management software, operating systems, cloud usage, Internet, etc.

Make profit from knowledge!

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