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Gone are the days when companies had to choose between efficiency and process speed, when users had to be in front of the same computer to be productive. 

Companies today require quick and open solutions, available 24/7, Saas, cloud based, accessible from everywhere any time. 

We can support you and guide you to effectiveness of the 21st century 38 years finding solutions for businesses and companies with seriousness and professionalism and high commitment to our clients and make them feel comfortable and sleep peacefully.

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Custom software development including frontend and backend management software, web applications and websites, all kinds of control software for machinery and devices, hardware, IOT, self.designed hardware, Big Data, analysis, SEO, social networking, training for your staff, etc.

MDC 4 is a complete system for the management and control of GSE Handling assets which improves decision making and provides important cost optimization, combining data typing and data collection together with Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence for the Data Automatic Learning) and the possibility of telemetry integration.

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